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What You Need to Know About the Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division (RED) at the Sauder School of Business offers top-calibre programs tailored towards a wide range of students with a passion for real estate. It provides a comprehensive range of courses that will help you acquire the expertise and credentials necessary in your desired career path. From licensing courses to credit programs, RED prepares its students for professional development in various fields including property appraisal, brokerage, strata management and trading services. The following provides the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Real Estate Division:

1. The RED is not the same as the Real Estate Option

Students often confuse the Real Estate Division with the real estate option; however, the two are completely different entities. First, the real estate option is one of the specializations Sauder offers to its undergraduate students. Similar to accounting, finance and other options, the real estate option can be pursued by completing five cornerstone courses for credits. These are:

  • COMM 306 Urban Land Economics
  • COMM 307 Real Estate Investment
  • COMM 405 Real Estate Finance
  • COMM 407 Real Estate Economics
  • COMM 408 Real Estate Development. 

On the other hand, the RED is a distinct department at Sauder and offers a wide variety of courses to aspiring professionals in addition to undergraduate students. Most students enrolled in RED courses are working professionals but undergraduate students are also encouraged to take courses from the RED as a way to develop their knowledge in different aspects of real estate. Whether you are determined to obtain a specific designation or simply want to expand your understanding of the real estate industry, your experience at RED will certainly be an asset that can open the door to a number of employment opportunities in the real estate industry.

2. The RED assists you in becoming qualified for particular careers

The RED is recognized for its licencing courses such as Real Estate Trading Services, Rental Property Management, Strata Management, and Broker’s Licencing courses. These licencing courses are designed to help students become qualified for certain positions. For instance, if you aspire to be a managing broker, obtaining a broker’s licence will be one of your primary requirements. Licensing courses are offered year-round which allows students to work at their own pace. Upon completion of the course, you may register for the final examination.

3. The RED offers more than just licensing courses

In addition to licensing courses, the RED also offers a number of credit programs, which consist of multiple BUSI courses equivalent to certain undergraduate commerce courses. Transfer credits are awarded after a transcript evaluation by the admissions team. For example, COMM 307 is equivalent to BUSI 331. You can find more information regarding course equivalency here. Credit programs are tailored to specific designations including appraisal, urban land economics, and continuing professional development. The large majority of credit courses also offer annual awards to the best-performing students.

For more information regarding the Real Estate Division, visit their webpage here.

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